Your Adversaries

For decades, corporate security has remained the somewhat sinister stepchild of law enforcement, despite the relatively recent invention of municipal police departments and uniformed peace officers. Regardless, private security – that is, security services provided by individual citizens or commercial high lumen flashlight q250 businesses – predate federal and municipal protective services by centuries. A fundamental reason for this recent discrepancy in definition, however, rests largely with the perception of the media and municipal officials who suggest that both law enforcement and private security remain relatively interchangeable. They are not; law enforcement and security represent distinct disciplines with their own terms, procedures, and responsibilities.” R.J. Godlewski [GOD LESS KEY], Anticipatory Corporate Security, July 2012


Your adversaries are and the international private security field is swamped with people making a bundle who know less about threats than you do. It is an ageless problem; develop a need, throw in an exorbitant amount of money, and the opportunists will cascade in like lemmings, all trying to make a quick buck on your misfortunes. Take a look at your current contractors for a moment. Are they “ticket punchers” – people who look great on paper, possess a litany of commands and deployments, yet cannot adapt to spontaneous occurrences? Are they “players” – people who have been dejected within life and seek the thrill of adventure, danger, and perceived riches beyond their wildest imagination? Whose care are you placing your life and the flash torch business under? We are different and you should take due diligence in evaluating what we offer…

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