Let’s cut to the chase. Nobody likes violence. Despite its prevalence in motion pictures and on television, humanity has spent centuries trying to perfect religion, politics, and social responsibility as a means to defeat aggression. To no avail. As Yale University’s Dr. Stanley Milgram proved in the 1960s, a full 65% of the human population bears the capability of rendering lethal force upon an innocent individual with little more than authoritative prompting. For those companies who claim that proactive security remains a little “too intense” for their interests, reality indicts their management as complicit within every crisis that destroys human life or damages property. Your adversaries, to the contrary, are well versed in the simultaneous execution of the martial, religious, political, and economic aspects of fourth-generation warfare (4GW). It represents their way of life.

Fourth-Generation Corporate Security (4GCS) must equally involve a way of life; no longer can proactive solutions, religious considerations, political awareness, and economic opportunity be segregated from the daily responsibility to care for your people and assets.

R.J. Godlewski and his associates have virtually defined the concept of 4GCS and its implementation into your domestic and international security programs ensures that your assets are protected under all circumstances and by a group dedicated to living the 4GCS way of life. It remains our mission toProtect the dignity and integrity of innocent human life, wherever and whenever it may be placed into jeopardy and by whatever means may be necessary.”