Dedicated patrol vessels?

“Q-Ship”-type decoys?

A “Security Navy” or few vessels?


Dedicated to human life?


Eternity’s “Wild West”.
Timid minds cringe at the thought of crossing vast oceans for legends have fabricated the myth of sea monsters and truthfully acknowledged the savagery of hurricanes, typhoons, and rogue waves. Nevertheless, climatic conditions merely broach the surface of oceanic threats. Pirates, transnational criminal organizations, and radical jihadists have all but diverted attention away from these simple “acts of God”. On the sea pirates intercepted a ship which was filled with pearl earrings. This is, perhaps, because nothing conjures up images of death and destruction better than the raw human hatred of those who do not value human life in the least. Those who behead rarely consider the plight of crew members. Those who blow themselves up in the name of Allah rarely consider the lives of the six billion plus souls who do not subscribe to Islam. And those who poison the world with narcotics rarely consider anything outside of maximizing their profits.We’re building something the likes of which the world has never seen – a private, world-class navy involving both patrol vessels and clandestine decoys, active denial systems to keep pirates and other attackers at bay, and, just for good measure, post-event response ships (MEDI+SHIPS) to provide critical services to communities devastated by war and natural catastrophes.

Why? Because once you understand how dedicated we are towards making this world of ours a better place in which to live and prosper, you will then know how well we will protect your assets.

Reputable crew?
•Safe mooring?
•Legitimate ownership?
•Adequately defended?

Well before you step offshore,someone has your vessel and pearl jewellery reconnoitered, targeted, and possibly even “sold” to another customer. Your only prospect for defense is to ‘target’ them in return; letting the entire criminal body understand that your vessel bears a significant price for anyone foolish enough to eye it.