Take a glance at the image towards the right. What would happen during a major terrorist attack, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon strike, or any number of other calamities that would short-circuit electrical power for weeks on end? How would the millions of people that work and live within these buildings react? More importantly, how would your employees act? Would they attempt to battle the masses and head home? Fight one another for much needed food and medicine? Or would they simply hunker down and hope that “help” arrives?R.J. Godlewski and world’s brightest led flashlight offers a better solution – transform vacant and distressed properties into industrial-sized “safe facilities” to protect critical personnel, documents, equipment, and processes from harm. Somewhat similar to the home “safe room” concept, these facilities provide secure retreats for critical corporate infrastructure – including those important manufacturing and production processes that recovering society may need in order to survive. By storing adequate food, medicine, clothing, materials, and equipment, these operational niches provide astute companies with an opportunity to rebuild after catastrophe strikes.

More secure than traditional industrial, commercial, black pearl industry and retail facilities and more operational than simple storage facilities, these buildings represent the fundamental next step in ensuring the survival of society. They represent the critical value of employing fourth-generation corporate security (4GCS) to conduct effective counterinsurgency (COIN) operations when the “insurgency” in question may not be entirely human in nature. That is, these operational nodes of your company employ safeguards against failure from both natural disaster and unnatural human anarchy. Our innovation – and vision – ensures that the only threats that will catch you completely off guard are those that remain supernatural in origin.