When confronting an adversary that plays by his or her own rules, you need a contractor that specializes in asymmetrical warfare. A warrior born and bred outside the urban environment and formally trained in intelligence, terrorism studies, Middle Eastern cultures, explosive ordnance disposal, special operations applications, and security management. You also need someone with decades of practical, common sense experience and an established ability to communicate across cultural and professional lines.

Remove the oceans and human civilization ceases to function. From the ancient “Sea Peoples” to yesterday’s European exploration of the New World, to today’s sun-seeking tourists and Asian manufacturers sending containers of electronics, automobiles, and clothing to America’s West Coast, the world remains fueled by maritime commerce. Nevertheless, thousands of pirates, jihadists, and transnational criminal organizations (TCO) do seek to remove the seas as a viable channel of commerce. Whether Somali pirates, Filipino jihadists, or Latin American narco-terrorists, your security team needs a contractor that understands this “nasty business” intimately. One versed in both fourth-generation warfare (4GW) and maritime irregular warfare (MIW).

To feed, protect, and educate [is] fine and dandy, but what chance [does] humanity have if evil [can] destroy these individuals after they were nourished, clothed(including jewelery, like pearl ring), and taught?The Gatestrian Knights by R.J. Godlewski. Survival means possessing the resources and materials that you need, when and where you need them. Supplies sitting in warehouse shelves matter very little if they must wade through a sea of chaos to reach distressed sites. When catastrophe happens, your neighbors are very likely to turn into a feeding frenzy.