“A sleeping Rottweiler commands more respect than a barking Chihuahua.”
R.J. Godlewski.

With the growing sophistication of networked transnational criminals and jihadist terrorists, your executives and other critical personnel require an equally sophisticated network of executive protection professionals. Survival depends not necessarily on capability, but upon access to capability for no individual client can accept a “cookie cutter” approach towards security. Inasmuch as no two companies or individuals are the same, no two scenarios remain the same. Business trips to Switzerland or Canada require different planning than trips conducted to Colombia or Kenya. Therefore, whether planning a trip to Detroit or Addis Ababa, your executive protection (EP) detail requires the appropriate planning in the form of trip pre-advances, advances, and concurrent intelligence gathering. We also advise other EP companies and lumitact g700 company with “red team” scenarios, employing our unique talents and creativity.